Sunday, October 3

Busy Beaver

I've been a pretty busy lad the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of postings lately. Days have been very busy with work, and nights have been filled with rehearsals and/or preparations for Enemies.

Then, to cap it off, I've been working all week as an actor on a short film that's being produced, hopefully in time for the next Reel Island Film Festival. So, yesterday, for example, I showed up at 8:30 for the film shoot. Did that until 4:45, then rushed, late, to a 4:30 rehearsal which was supposed to go until 6:30. Then back to another location at 7 for another hour of shooting. (Un)Fortunately, the rehearsal got screwed up and it only lasted until 5:30, so I actually had time to go and eat something.

After 8, I came home and got to work on preparing the music cues for the next episode of Enemies. That took me to 1:00am.

The last few days, hours like that have been the rule, not the exception. Luckily, the stuff I'm doing (except for the Work work) is fun.

Still, looking forward to getting back to a more leisurely paced day.

And, to once again posting more consistently, in terms of frequency.


dave m said...

just a note to say how well things are looking. 4 words: party milk, chicken legs

Rob said...

Looking forward to seeing what it all turns in to, Dave.

dave m said...

i don't know if this is a good or bad sign... the last 10 pages is already more than 20minutes!