Tuesday, October 12

Enemies - Into Final Episode

I understand that some people are planning on coming to see this season's final episode of Enemies this Thursday night, and are not familiar with the proceedings so far:

This may help you get up to date:

Dr. Shelley Lugosi, imprisoned on PEI for various and sundry sex/science crimes, has sent redneck bounty hunter Bubba Fett to Las Vegas to track down and return Shelley's clone-of-himself, Kenny, so Shelley can happily bask in the thrill of having sex with himself. Kenny has been kidnapped to Las Vegas by one half of the separated-at-the-shoulder siamese twin, one-armed Butch, and Shelley fears her hard-lovin' ways will ruin Kenny forever.

In Las Vegas, Bubba meets up with uber-religious good-guy, Gabe, who is attempting to rid Las Vegas of sin and debauchery. To aid in that, he's bought out a casino and turned it into a house of the Lord, where there's never any need to gamble. With Gabe is his psychic girlfriend, Britney, who cannot understand why Gabe spurns her psychic abilities, especially her magic Lobster Claw, which still has one good wish to offer. Sadly, their relationship seems doomed. Especially when Acadien singing sensation Sabine suddenly appears out of retirement and hooks up with Gabe's crusade.

Also in Las Vegas are Cassidy and Ludwig. Cassidy is the armless half of the Butch-Cassidy siamese twinning. She, the poster-child for Abused In Relationship, is girlfriend to Ludwig, a poster child for Relationship Abuser. Ludwig (and Cassidy, but mostly Ludwig) is trying to find fame and fortune in Las Vegas and will do anything to achieve that lucrative Celtic-Rock record contract.

Kenny soon escapes from Butch and hooks up with Gabe. Because of Kenny's high-impact pheremonic scent, he is easy to fall in love with, and Gabe falls head over heals in love, but won't admit it. Moreso in love with Kenny is Cassidy, and because her love is an unselfish love, Kenny falls for her too.

Through a series of events, Ludwig falls under the spell of one of Bubba's alien contraptions (Bubba claims his parents were abducted by aliens when he was a child, leaving behind an assortment of alien devices)., called a Noggin Walloper The Noggin Walloper puts Ludwig under the physical command of Bubba, and Bubba uses Ludwig to help in the hunt for Kenny (he also takes great pleasure in forcing Ludwig to embarrass himself often).

Last week, Sabine got shot dead by a mysterious one-armed bandit. Kenny, to the surprise of all, has the ability to revive the dead, and so revives Sabine. Later, we see him restore both of Cassidy's arms.

During the big Talent Showcase, Bubba goes too far in embarrassing Ludwig, and the Noggin Walloper breaks, causing Ludwig to now have the ability to control everyone else.

Tune in this week as:

Dr. Shelley gets impatient with Bubba

Bubba finds it difficult to hunt for Kenny when he's physically controlled by Ludwig

Cassidy enjoys the ability to scratch her own nose

Butch meets her match

Kenny comes to understand his powers

Britney regrets Lobster Claw wishing for Gabe's Casino-Church to fail

Sabine realises who her true love is

Gabe resorts to his alter ego, Altar Boy, in an attempt to save the world from Ludwig

Ludwig relishes the ultimate power that the Noggin Walloper provides him.

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