Wednesday, October 13

My Team Is A Laughing Stock

My beloved Miami Dolphins are winless in their first 5 games this season. Not only winless, but not-even-close-less.

The colossalness of their ineptitude has even made them the butt of a Jay Leno monologue joke. Having the team I support be the butt of Leno jokes hurts more than the actual losses, which, truth be told, are somewhat entertaining in a 'the trials of Job' kind of way.

I am now wondering when head coach Dave Wannstedt gets canned. Last week, popular opinion was that he'd be fired the day after their final game of the season. I say, assuming the losing continues (and there's absolutely no reason to believe it won't continue) that he'll be fired the day after the game before their bye week.

And while prognosticating, I'll say that Osama Bin Laden will be 'found' before the end of October. Also, there'll be a major terrorist strike on the US before Nov.3.

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