Wednesday, October 20

Base-a-ball Has Been Berry Berry Good

Some random thoughts on baseball:

- This season, I've watched this much baseball: game 5 of Yanks/Sox from the bottom of the 6th onward, and game 6 of the same, from the 2nd inning onward. Both were great games. I'll watch tonight's game as well. I find myself cheering heartily for the Red Sox. I'm not sure if that's because I want them to win, or if I want the Yankees to lose.

- My cheering for the Sox has got me thinking: Now that the Spose are no more, which team will I passively cheer for during the regular seasons, without really watching any games or paying attention to the standings? I've always been a National League guy (it must be that preposterous DH rule in the AL that keeps me from cheering that side of the league). Back in the 80's, when I was an avid Expos fan (there was a time when I'd listen to regular season Expos games on the radio, if I could find a station [there was a time when I'd try to find baseball radio broadcasts anywhere on the dial]), I did find myself secretly cheering for the Pirates. But I think that was more about the audaciousness they had to wear those ridiculous too-tall prison uniform caps.

I've always had a soft spot for underdogs, so maybe I'll start actively-passively cheering for the Cubs and/or Mets. Dunno, that doesn't feel right, yet.

One thing for certain, I cannot bring myself to cheer for the Jays. I've never been able to cheer for any Toronto based team in any sport.

There's no need to force a team upon myself. I'll let it occur naturally. I'll allow myself to discover my new team gradually, over time, as I more-or-less ignore the regular season next year.

- My choices for the name of the former Expos, now situated in Washington: The Washington Lobbyists, or The Washington Irvings, or The Washington Citizens Should Never Forget That Lauria And MLB Conspired To Destroy The Expos Thus Creating The Unfortunate And Unforgivable Circumstances That Snuffed Out The Love Of Baseball In Montreal And Brought The Team To Your Region (or the Washington Citizens, for short).

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al said...

I'm in the same boat, and as a big Nomar fan my abilit to cheer for the Sox is ever so slightly deadened..
I fairly often hear about old-timey Brooklyn Dodgers fans who stil spit fire at the idea of cheering for another team, and are doomed to baseball limbo. I think I might be in that boat as well.