Wednesday, October 20

Holiday Hump Day

I am in the middle of a week-long vacation. So far, it's been a perfect vacation. Lots of video game playing, some reading, sleeping late, going to bed late, cooking meals that don't get cooked when I work, doing unimportant things on a whim, etc.

I had planned to do a few things around the house, but so far, except for a half-afternoon of beginning to clean out the basement, I've done nothing. And I don't feel guilty at all.

I've barely thought about work, which is the best part.

Now, though, it's hump day, and I fear my head, from this point onwards, will be more and more filled with countdown-to-work thoughts.

To counter that, I'll just have to play more GTA: Vice City.


Cyn said...

Hump day for me too, Rob. What would make it perfect for me would be some actual humpin'.

Alan said...

I took a fall weekoff of last week, too. I was impressed with my ability to lay around, snooze, watch baseball, carefully shop for ales as well. I think I am taking a baseball playoffs holiday every year.