Wednesday, October 27

5 Questions of Numbers

Five global questions that need answering:

1) How many people in the world have read the word "coincidence" at the same time you just did right now?

2) How many people in the world, right now, are wearing short skirts and no panties?

3) How many people are, right now, eating their snot?

4) How many people, at this very second, died?

5) How many people bothered to read all the way to this fifth useless question?


graham said...

5. or maybe 6.
By the way, because I don't have my own blog check out the new eminem video released on the web only. It's political, and very anti bush, I love it. it's called 'mosh'. you can get it on a couple different site's. check it out

Rob said...

Yeah, I've seen it. It's a great video. Pretty powerful. Good on Eminem for making it.