Wednesday, February 18

Wonder Twin Power, Activate!

I was walking back to work at lunch today, and I saw a guy trotting up a street carrying a cumbersome load of papers in his arms. He was, perhaps, 30 yards from where I was. He didn't drop his pile of paper, but as I saw him, I wondered: if he did start to drop it, and I had super power strength or ability or speed, would it be worth my trouble to go and prevent the accident. Further imagining my super-powers to be secret to the public, I decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble of possible discovery of my wonderful abilities. (Yes, I'm 38 years old.)

But that got me wondering something else. In my lifetime, what incidents (that didn't directly involve me) have I personally witnessed where the use of some super-human ability would have been 'worth the trouble'? Had I witnessed a car accident, where my super-speed could have shoved the little girl out of the way of the speeding car? No, nothing like that rings a history bell with me.

After a thorough 20 second google of my brain, I came up empty. I couldn't think of anything that sticks out in my life that would have benefitted from my secret super powers.

What about any of you? Have you been in the vicinity of some event or accident or incident where you'd have used a secret super-power to keep it from happening?


Cyn said...

Not that I've witnessed anything that drastic, but I've often imagined being in a plane crash in the middle of the ocean and how I would float to the top, just like Tom Hanks did in "Cast Away", and then rescue people by pulling them into a rubber dinghy.
I've also had heroic thoughts of running into burning houses and saving a small child. Some kind of 'saviour complex' I guess.

Cameraguy said...

Oh, to have the super-power lung strength to have blown this latest winter "bomb" back out to sea! You'd have been a true hero indeed.
With Superpowers, you could pile up 4700 tonnes of unwanted potatoes, and build a wall to protect Charlottetown and Summerside from an impending storm surge! That would be impressive.