Thursday, February 26

Athlete, Hear Thyself

A baseball pitcher told a reporter that it was obvious, just by looking at Barry Bonds, that he has been taking steroids.

This is part of Bonds' reply:

"I heard about his comments. If you've got something to say, say it to my face," Bonds said. "Don't talk through the media."

"I'm not worried about him. I'm not worried about anyone. I have a lot of respect for Turk Wendell. I have a lot of respect for every baseball player in this game," he added. "You got something to say, you come to my face and say it and we'll deal with each other. Don't talk through the media like you're some tough guy."

...said Bonds, talking through the media like he was some tough guy.

That's even more ironic than rain on your wedding day.

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Nils Ling said...

... or a black fly in your umm Sangria. Doubly ironic is that Bonds himself is known for being utterly uncooperative with the media. I guess he thinks they only exist so he can send a message through them - as you say, like some tough guy.