Wednesday, February 25

Warriors...Come Out And Play-Ee-Ayyy!!

Moments ago, I was spoken to by some sort of higher force. It said "It's time for the remake of The Warriors."

I can see it. Absolutely. Dope ST, dawg. Starring a murder of current rappers, hip-hoppers. A who's who of da nizzle, my frizzles.

Who's in as producer?

What movie from the past is ripe for the remake, according to you?


Nils Ling said...

Excellent call on The Warriors. I can hear the Coke bottles jangling and the chill wind whipping along the deserted streets of Coney Island ...
Personally, I think it may be time for a remake of West Side Story. If you rent the movie, it's become almost laughable, certainly cringeworthy, as roving gangs of *very* gay street thugs have little girlie slap-fights all over the place.
Butch it up a bit, re-arrange the score to incorporate modern instruments and musical modes, and hey ... J. Lo. would make a half decent Maria.

dave s said...

"poseidon adventure" re-make would spell f-u-n, and, although i think the original stinks, a re-make of "the omen" with damien being raised by a poor, maybe single parent family in, say, new york city, so that the evil spawn of satan could develop un-noticed, could be entertaining. unless satan's kid turns out too gay for some(see nils' post), resulting in the bitch-slaping of unbelievers.

Nils Ling said...

Didn't I see where they ARE doing a remake of the Poseidon Adventure? I just hope they bring Shelley Winters back as the tugboat or something.
As for anything being "too gay" for me ... not so much. I'm no basher, and my buddy Dave knows that. I did, however, get lazy and go for an easily understood quip rather than a more accurate and less objectionable (even to me - I winced after I hit "send" on my earlier post)description of the prancing about in WSS. It wasn't "very gay". It wasn't, however, convincingly butch for hoodlums in NYC. I hope that's better.
I keep getting older. Wish I kept getting smarter. One of these days some gay devil is gonna bitch-slap me good. And I'll deserve it.

dave m said...

all i'm gonna say is i told you so!

dave s said...

hey nils.
you've got to admit the notion of hell-spawn damien in a "laverne and shirley"-style slapping frenzy with a non-beliver has mega-comedy potential.
and, no, you are certainly not a phobe.

Brian Willis said...

The Warriors; a 38 police special was considered "firepower"; rollerskates had wheels you could steer; gangs actually cared about their image, picking cool (though largely impractical) means of intimidation and defence.
I had a different cast in mind. Picture it - Justin Timberlake as Sirus; Rosie O'Donnell and her Baseball Fury; Beyonce as the sexy radio sister.
How bad would you have to be today? Saudi gangbangers bringing "dirty bombs" to the gathering? Regular updates on the chase home via blackberry? Our heros fighting their way back with nothing but Segways, a crossbow, and Viggo Mortensen's dashing good looks to guide them? It all sounds great, but I'm afraid "The Warriors" would be ruined for me. I hope it's left - cool as cool can get - at fourteen.
Now "The Blue Lagoon", well,..... that's a different story. This time with some actual nudity please.