Thursday, February 12

Time Flies When You're Getting Old

On my homepage, (an excellent commercial/popup free alternative to the more popular yahoo or msn, commercial-filled versions ), I get a daily update on whose birthday it is.

Today is Christina Ricci's birthday. She was born in 1980. 1980!!!! But she's a grown-up. That depressed the hell outta me. Then I got more depressed when I realised that probably some people who read this are even younger than that.

I have a hard time grasping the concept that it's possible that people born during my initial pubic hair-bearing years could possibly have pubic hair of their own now. Was 1980 really that long ago? Shouldn't someone born in 1980 still be in, I don't know...junior high, at most? Where did the '90s go? Aren't I still 'just out of my 20s', even though it's been 3/4 of a decade since a '2' appeared anywhere in my age?


At least it's good to have the hell outta me for a while, even if it was depressed outta me.


dave said...

yep, rob. we be old. this is constantly popping up in my face when i realize how old some of the music i listen to is.
then i think of the character in the flick "naked" who has plans to kill himself on the eve of his 40th birthday.
i think i'll just get drunk this coming november instead.

robert paterson said...

I was talking to an "old" friend last night whose daughter is now 22. We suddenly had a terrible thought - we are the same age as our parents were when we first met! How could this happen to us!

Alan said...

Ah, I get that every day because I married someone 7 years younger whose best pal sister is 7 years younger again. So when I say "great tune" or "remember that" and I am thinking of undergrad, I hear "yeah, junior high" or "like I was partying at 4".

Mandy said...

Don't worry about it. Although some of us are younger, we're aging rapidly too. We'll so be in the same shoes asking what the hell happened. Gawd, I'm 25 now and asking that very question.
While part of me feels so young, part of me feels like the old woman when I see "prostitots" in the mall, at the moves or wherever and I think, wow was I ever that age?? Yeesh. (thankfully I was never a prostitot.)