Thursday, February 5

If I Could Save Hair In A Bottle

Well, it was bound to happen. Obviously, a few months ago, all the pipes and plumbing in our bathroom got together and planned this. First it'll be the toilet that goes. The bathroom sink and its pipes, having been replaced a mere year or two ago, decided it'd be obvious if they went again. Now, the final bit of bathroom plumbing has decided to malfunction and depart. So, today, we have new taps and shower, plus new pipes leading to the taps and shower.

To get to the pipes, our interim plumber (the much appreciated Cecil has put his back out and was unable to attend to our needs) had to go in from the bathroom closet. That means the wall in the closet had to be, um, removed. That means that everything in the closet had to be removed.

The closet in question has probably seven shelves, and is as deep as a standard tub is wide. Pretty deep, for a closet, I think. Over the 10+ years of living here, we've begun using less and less of the back areas of those shelves. Lately, in fact, I'd guess we only use the front 6 inches of those shelves. That's not to say the rest of the area is empty. Quite the opposite, in fact. All the shelves are piled deep with all sorts and manner of bathroom and non-bathroom items. Many of which have not been seen for years.

One of those objects was a pill bottle that contained some of Cameron's baby hair. Much lighter than it is now. I found it interesting how my wife was quite struck by the memories that this bottle of hair elicited, yet my reaction was (perhaps typical of the male of the species) more along the lines of "Erp."

The difference must have something to do with the fact that she has a vagina


Liz said...

like the song allusion. It's not the vagina part (and I enjoyed the Vagina Monologues, BTW), it's the he'll never be my baby again part. That's what I think, anyway.

coda said...

I think it was the wonder at how his hair colour changed from a golden brown to the dark brown that it is now and yes, that he'll never be a baby again.