Tuesday, February 17

Ell Oh Ell

I have a sense of humour. Everyone does, of course, to varying degrees. And each of us has a differing opinion on what is funny.

One aspect of my sense of humour relies on sarcasm and, to some extent, on the appearance that I mean what I say. For me, a sarcastic remark is best if the receiver of it isn't sure if it is, in fact, sarcasm. And I may go to great lengths to not give anything away.

In the textual world of the internet, sarcasm is a tough sell. Especially for someone who doesn't like to make the sarcasm obvious. So, when you come across any of my online personas: Unka Whiskerz in the lolita chat rooms; BlueBallzz in the fetish forums; AzzCrackz in the big bum boards, or Lieutenant Dan in any of the alt. newsgroups, don't be looking for an "lol", or a winking smiley face emoticon from me, because I won't give it away that easily.

I made the committment not to give it away so easily on that night, right after I lost my cherry.

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