Thursday, February 17

Two Degrees of Separation from Nomi Malone

Annekenstein - American Tourists   Poor quality photo

In the first year of Annekenstein, we were priveleged to have Rick Roberts as a writer and actor.  In one of the scenes, I kissed him (as seen in photo above).  Even though I haven't seen him since, and we only spent a summer together, I consider him a friend, and enjoy any successes he has in the entertainment industry.  He is also my main 'in' when I try to figure out my degrees of separation from famous people.

This weekend, I watched most of  the TV movie Student Seduction, starring Elizabeth Berkley of Showgirls Infamy.  Rick was in that movie as Elizabeth's husband, and had a bedroom scene where he kisses her.

Rob kissing Rick kissing Elizabeth...

So, in a way, I kissed Elizabeth Berkley.  I feel so dirty.

The movie, by the way, wasn't very good.  Bad script, but I thought  the acting was okay.  Rick, I biasedly feel, did a great job playing the supportive, caring husband.  Not much there to do, really, but  he did it well.


sprague said...

I kissed Jerome Iginla...
In the same kevin Bacon way

graham said...

I think I've had sex with everyone I know (who has had sex) based on this theory.
We're all a bunch of whores.