Wednesday, February 23

Fee, Fye, Ho Hum

Blockbuster has been annoyingly advertising their "No More Late Fees" policy ad naseum. 
Too bad it's a lie.  Yes, they've changed their policy but they still charge a late fee.  Only now they call it a restocking fee.  Whatever.
You rent a movie or game.  After 8 days of not returning it, Blockbuster charges your credit card the full cost of purchase.  You now own the movie or game.  You still have a 30 day grace period to return the movie for a refund, but they do charge you a nominal (I think it's $1.50) restocking fee.
Isn't the restocking fee just another name for late fee?
I have no problem with the new policy, in fact I think it's smart.  I just don't the misleading terminology.

But I don't care.  I don't rent anymore from Blockbuster anyway.
Here in Charlottetown, it's That's Entertainment all the way!


Ben said...

All I know is I can rent 3 movies at once and keep them for 2 weeks without being charged any penalties. That's good enough for me.

dylan said...

That's Entertainment has a very good selection. But I prefer to go to Variety Video on Grafton Street. Mainly because of the excellent service and a pretty good selection as well.

al o'neill said...

When I go to rent a video from That's I keep wanting to ask to make sure it's ont in Betamax.