Tuesday, February 1

Monday Morning - To The Keyboards, Canada!

Get ready for it, Canadian SuperBowl fans, because it's coming.  The annual post-game complaint is nearly upon us.  That complaint?  How come we in Canada aren't able to see all the SuperBowl-premiered advertisements?  Instead of seeing the premiere of the latest and greatest new SodaPop ad featuring SexySinger, or that hilarious, irreverent new ad from HipBusiness.com, or the further adventures of the large-hooved alcohol-transporting equine-slaves, we are stuck with countless airings of (at least here in The Maritimes) the ad for The Cunard Restaurant.
Yes, the yearly migration of disappointed Canadian sports and/or advertisement fans to their keyboards is almost here, the time when so many take to their blogs and/or forums to post angry complaints that Global Television has yet again highjacked the American stations carrying the SuperBowl telecast, causing us to miss out on an essential element of SuperBowl Sunday - The New TV ads. 
Since so many will be too incensed to type clearly their displeasure, I offer the following missive, which you may feel free to copy and paste as your own angry diatribe:

This sux!  I watched the Superbowl expecting to see all those cool and funny ads and didn't get to see many of them at all.  Every station carrying the game was the same channel.  It was all showing Global TV coverage.  What's up with that?  I'm paying money to get the American stations and the commercials they show too.  But how come I'm getting Global broadcast on the American station?  What a rip!!  I'm gonna complain to my local cable provider and demand that I not pay for the American stations I'm not getting when I should be getting them.  Everybody should write and complain.  I wanted to see what that insurance duck was up to and I get some crappy ad for a local restaurant?  Poison!  I'm never eating there!  That place sux!

I'm Never Watching Global Again!!!1!!!


Wayne said...

This year will be the first in a long time for us...no Direct TV! :( No Girls in underwear tackle football! :( And, No Steelers! Again! :(

dylan said...

I am in rapt anticipation awaiting the new Cunard Restaurant Superbowl Commercial. But the pressure for them to top last years ad is building and nothing more than a tour de force of commercial delight will do.
It's only during superbowl that the canadian commercials bother me. And even then only because the people I happen to be watching the superbowl with don't get to view them as part of the event. I'll get to see them later via the wonders of this here interweb thingy.
Maybe next year I should get my Lightning Bolt Comics commercial aired during the superbowl. That would show those fools who spend millions on advertising. And possibly Graham would achieve the celebrity status of a Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

Charlie said...

*pssst!*...want some of them US commercials?..*wink wink*...got Eastlink digital cable?...if so..you might want to get the time shift theme pack that gives you the network feeds from out west...I mean, watch all the cunardmercials that you want, but you might want to know that Global can only prempt the analog channels, not the digital ones...

graham said...

Anyone know how to contact Global so they can learn what mistakes they make?

Tarrah said...

RE: Superbowl Commercials - If you live in Ontario, and have Rogers Digital Cable, you can access the GOOD Superbowl Commercials two ways:
1: If you have a High Definition TV, call Rogers, and order the HD TV Bundle. IT is 4.95 per month, they will connect you instantly - and watch the Superbowl on Channel 294.
2: If you have a regular TV, call Rogers, and order channel 192 - the NFL network. At 10PM Eastern Time (immediately following the Superbowl )they are airing 30 minutes of the best commercials from the game.
Happy Watching!

graham said...

Thanks, Rogers rep.
When I move to the wonderland of Ontario, I'll definately get Rogers. I like helping out local companies. But those daft b-tards won't set up on PEI. Besides I think I like Cunard commercials better.

Rob said...

Airing 30 minutes of the best commercials. I guess that means the advertisers win. Wonder what they show during commercial breaks?

dylan said...

I think I'll take a moment to enjoy the fact that although I didn't get to watch the GOOD commercials I got to watch an exciting Superbowl.
Nice to know that if you spend the 2.4 million for a 30 second spot you get a chance of having it repeated on NFL Network though. That makes it worth the money.
Oh yeah although the Pats still won't say it I will
DYNASTY. It doesn't scan very well but this is even more impressive SALARY CAP DYNASTY.
And one other thing not that Branch didn't deserve the MVP but I thought that Rodney Harrison should have gotten it. Very close between Branch, Harrison, and Brady.

Rob said...

I thought Branch was the clear choice for MVP. And how about that Terrell Owens. The guy is a player.

dylan said...

Terrell Owens blew my mind last night. If the Eagles had won the game Owens would have gone down in sports history like Willis Reed for the Knicks. As it is even with the loss I think it is clear that T.O. is one of the greatest WR of our era.
I don't disagree with Branch getting MVP but look at the impact Harrison had on the game. 2 Interceptions, 1 Sack, 7 solo tackles, and although Gay forced the fumble it was assisted by the heads up play of Harrison.
Gotta love the way the young CB's played for the Pats as well.

Rob said...

This will sound like I'm discounting his worth to the team and the outcome, but that 2nd interception of his was pretty much a garbage gimmee. A McNabb desperation toss to nobody in the middle of the field. In fact, at least 3 of the int's against McNabb were more a result of his poor judgement than the interceptor's excellent abilities.
If McNabb was a bit sharper last night, it would have been a completely different game. He was off, just enough. He was, ultimately, the weakest link, from either team's perspective.
And what's with the slow-and-steady-wins-the-SuperBowl attitude of the Eagles offense in those last two drives? Take your time much?