Friday, February 4

Laughter Encircled

Annekenstein - Audience (5)
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When we did our first year of Annekenstein, in 1990, one of the sketches involved DaveM, as an ignorant American Tourist, who was to take a picture of his wife on vacation. Part of the joke was that he accidentally sets the camera off, wasting film, to his wife's dismay. We thought it would be cool if Dave actually did take pictures, and this is one of the shots he took.
This is one of the first audiences to see the first season of Annekenstein. Not a very big crowd. I particularly like the hard-laughers in the midst of the audience. They're honestly enjoying something.


Cyn said...

Is that Mark Stevenson over on the left?

Nils said...

I was trying to remember where I first saw Annekenstein ... some sort back room in a textile mill ...?

Rob said...

I believe it is Mark.

Davey said...

I'd add to the list of possible audience members - Terri MacPherson and Larry Arbing on the left end of the middle row, and is that Linda Wigmore in back?