Tuesday, February 8

Oscar Pool Update

Just to let you know, there are so far, over a dozen who have submitted their Oscar Picks to The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool.  If you're wondering if I received yours, I likely did.

If you want to join in, click on the link above, fill in your guesses and click the submit button.
Apart from the prestige of being the best guesser amongst the competitors, the winner may actually receive a prize.  Probably a mix cd of tunes that I hope you would like.  Maybe a couple of items of nostalgic Annekenstein paraphernalia.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be the tied-person who was first to send in their picks.


Wayne said...

I like both kinds of music...country and western! Anybody remember where that little diddy came from?

wally said...

did you mean
Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.
Because that's from the Blues Brothers.

Wayne said...

Very good!

dylan said...

Is it just me or does it seem like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind should have gotten more nominations. I haven't seen all the other nominated movies but that one was absolutely killer.

graham said...

I think we all know the acadamy awards are full of poop. Titanic, Gladiator and Training Day are shining examples of decent, at best, movies being revered as masterpieces. When I was 10 and stupider, I thought the Oscars were awesome. I also thought the he-man cartoons were cool and Samantha Fox was the greatest singer in the world. I still believe in Samantha, but the he-man cartoons and the oscars I left behind.

Jason said...

Are you sure it was her singing talent you were concentrating on?

josh said...

Eternal Sunshine did deserve more attention, but I still think the Oscars have held up better than Samantha Fox for me. She had big breasts for the time, but in todays world of cutting edge silicone and saline implants, she would barely turn heads. Her video were somewhat tittilating, but they would be lost in this age of Skank Pop.

graham said...

I have one word : 'Pioneer'.
The song 'Touch me', drove me crazy. These pop sluts today don't have that depth at all, and that was just her chart hit. On both her albums she explores subjects like parties, love, sex, truth, kissing, metaphysics, fashion and anthropology. Plus a wicked cover of Rolling Stones's 'Satisfaction'.
I truly, fully, 100%, no joke prefer her version to the original.