Wednesday, January 12

The Important Business of Running The City

This link tells of the City of Charlottetown's City Council voting in the demand that the NHL owners and players resolve their differences and get on with the business of playing hockey.
It was an almost unanimous vote on the motion brought in by Councillor Mitch Tweel.  Kim Devine was the lone dissenter, expressing her enjoyment at being able to watch the CBC News at its regular Saturday night timeslot.

Two things: 
1) As a citizen of Charlottetown, I'm embarrassed by this motion, even if it was meant in a light-hearted way.
2) Will this single stance cost Kim Devine votes next election?  Being anti-hockey in this town is akin to being a liberal in the USA, or being a theatre critic on PEI.


Tim Mollison said...

Is there an answer on a transit system yet?

graham said...

I hate our local leaders, except Kim Devine. Even though I like hockey I respect her for not going along fully with this nonsense.
can someone please cut their fucking sallery to that of a McDonalds employee, as they work harder and get more done then these goddamn retards in local office.
Charlottetown is dying, and this is how they save it?