Wednesday, January 12

A Favicon For Me

Ugly and Simple

My favicon.ico is rather lame:  cheap, ugly, amateurish and simple.  (before anyone makes the joke "favicons should represent the personality of its 'owner', and that describes you perfectly", I'll make it first).  You will not be surprised that it was created in a minute or two using Microsoft's simple Paint program.

How does one (who has very limited skill in such things) go about creating a better one?   Are they difficult to design?  If a software download is needed, I'll probably not bother.

Is there someone out there who reads this blog who would be willing to create one for me?  For free?


Nils said...

Umm ... what's a favicon.ico? I mean, I know you would rather have help than answer this question ... but I've heard the term before and it's still a mystery to me.

Rob said...

favicon.ico is the little picture that your browser looks for from the sites you visit. Mine is a little red square that kinda looks like a face. You should be able to see it on the tab button for this window, and in the link window too.
Other sites have some pretty cool ones.
You place your favicon.ico in your blog's main folder (usually), and it automatically loads (supposedly) on others' browsers when your page loads.

graham said...

Just draw one.
You know.
If that's what you, like, want...
I guess

Rob MacD said...

When one only has, like 16 pixels by 16 pixels to work with, one is rather limited, unless one has specialized skill or equipment, I suppose.

Sidney said...

I still don't understand what a fabicon is.

Sidney said...

Perhaps this will be one of those things that I prefer to see as one of life's biggest mysteries and will go back to knitting my sox. There is nothing mysterious about knitting. Just clean, relaxing fun.

Rob MacD said...

Now see, I view knitting as a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.
To perhaps help one understand what favicons are, you can see a bunch of favicons here:

Nils said...

Look what I found:
Step by step instructions.