Tuesday, January 11

George's Take-Out

Lately I've been really missing the greasy delicious food at George's Take-Out.  I didn't really enjoy visiting there, as I'd leave feeling covered in a greasy film, but boy oh boy did I like the food.  The burgers were fantastic, chicken fingers mmm-mmm good, and remember when they'd have a few different types of fries you could order?

George was a peach.  And Ed... well, I better stop this post before I get all verklempt.

I haven't found a substitute place yet.  And because it was killing me every time I went there to eat, I'm not sure if I want to find a substitute.


Kevin said...

I'm a former islander living in Toronto, saw this post and just had to drop a comment. Georges Take-out was awsome, it was one of those places that got me through college when I lived in the area - does he still have the big mural on the outside wall?
Toronto has lots of great food however most people up here have NEVER heard of a donair!! it's killing me :)

caligirl said...

where in ch'town is this? im in summerside and hubby says the one he knew of was closed. did Georges move?

Rob said...

Yes, caligirl, it's closed now, hence the reason for me missing it.

caligirl said...

okie...thank you. hubby thought so too...but since he has lived in s'side now for 5 yrs he didnt know for sure. i guess i well never know the bliss of Georges hamburgers :(