Friday, January 21

It Was A Scream

Last night, during the storm, four of the island-dwelling Sketch 22 members performed a half-hour gig at UPEI. It may have been the only event not cancelled.

We performed at The Wave for an alumni fundraiser. The Wave is not a good place to perform sketch comedy when the only means of voice amplification is one's own vocal chords. It is basically a big empty concrete and steel room with acoustics that are dead. That means when one speaks, the sound waves, immediately upon leaving one's mouth, dissipate into nothingness. To combat this, one must scream. Unless you're Sam Kinison, screaming lines of comedy is not the ideal method.

Fortunately, it was only a half hour of screaming our lines, and even then the crowd seemed to enjoy us more than I thought they would. The crowd was an odd mix of old fuddy-duddy wallets and around-my-age keeners. We were introduced as improv performers, and I'm sure many of the people had no idea who or what we were, but there were plenty of laughs.

We performed

-Wessie Doucette and The Tyne Valley Motivational Experience

-Moe Gorman (Moe wrote a new song just for the event)

-The Right Eloquent Island

-Road Crew (the musical)

Tomorrow night, we perform at the Confederation Centre for Madly Off in All Directions. Looking forward to it.

While we've been looking forward to these performances, I believe we are moreso looking forward to having them done and in the can (so to speak), so we can get down to the business of writing for next summer's show.

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Sidney said...

You did all my Fave Sketches!!! Yay

Jason said...

Congrats guys. Even though I saw them many times, it would have been cool to see again. I hope you guys need a video crew guy for this summer.

anxious fan said...

I heard Madly Off on CBC yesterday and was disappointed that Sketch 22 wasn't included in the program. Will it be aired at a later date?

graham said...

Yeah, maybe as soon as next week, but could be a few.
Anyone else out there getting cabin-fevery? I've lost my friggin mind.

Rob said...

I have no idea when the Madly Off performance will air.

maryanne said...

I was talking to a friend here in Ottawa, and he listened to MOIAD Sunday. He said next week was from Charlottetown.