Wednesday, January 19

Sunny Day School Closure

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Cold, but beautiful. And school was cancelled for the Eastern School District.

Some parents were upset that school was closed on such a picture-perfect day. I, howeve, completely understand the reasons and agree entirely. In Charlottetown, many roads were narrowed to one lane only; sidewalks were not cleared and walking to school would have been a desperate and dangerous adventure. Has anyone tried walking in Charlottetown when one is forced onto the roads? It's truly a life-endangering adventure, as many drivers seem to have the opinion that the road is no place for a pedestrian. Normally

I can't speak for the validity of closing country schools that rely almost entirely on bussing, but I can only imagine that many side and secondary roads were likewise difficult to travel down.

Yeah, it's a bitch to have to scramble to find a sitter, but better scrambling for a sitter than for a casket for your killed-by-traffic child.

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Sidney said...

Hear hear! My roomate was just commenting yesterday that the last time schools were closed in Toronto due to "weather" was in 1987... I think this is what he said. Having been raised in Rural PE, I can assure you that many a day we could not even get out of the driveway. Thank you Department of Education for keeping Island children safe and letting them have fun a snow day.

graham said...

There is truly never going to be a feeling of joy in my life that can replace the beutiful elation when, as a kid, you hear on the radio that school is cancelled. Drugs, orgasms and good food are doing an alright job, but will never come close.
I will always carry the memory with me.
If I win a zillion dollars then I could probably easily replace the feeling.
To Snow Days!

Rob said...

Conversely, Graham, the awful agony of not hearing your school being named as one of the closures is excruciating.
I remember back in my Parkdale Elementary days (when schools would sometimes be closed per school, rather than per district), there was a particularly crappy day that seemingly every school in Charlottetown and Queens County was closed except for good ole Parkdale. I sat in stunned disbelief, in my pajamas, milk dripping from my half-hoisted cereal-filled spoon, as the radio announcer failed to mention Parkdale in that Great List. No matter how hard I listened, nor how often I listened, he refused to add Parkdale Elementary to the list. Begrudgingly I got dressed and trudged to school through huge drifts (uphill, both ways!). I vowed not to learn a damn thing that day! Many of the kids didn't bother showing up and we went home for good at lunch, but I felt totally gypped for that morning of lost sledding.

Wayne said...

...especially when Sherwood Elementary was on that list. Later that day, we kids could be seen scraping the outdoor rink next to the school, and spending a day training for that next big game with Parkdale.

graham said...

I remember when I was storm stayed for the day with my cousins Pete and Jennifer, who were over for the weekend. We made hot chocolate, jumped in the snowbank, then took our clothes off and had a bath together. We didn't really have sex, but we shared something that day. We never speak of it.
Mmmm... I'll never get those days back.

Rob MacD said...

Graham, I'd jump in a snowbank, make hot chocolate and have a bath with you, if it'd make you feel good. Just have to find that third person, though.

Sidney said...

Ready and willing gentlemen! Start running the bath. I might need a little rum in my hot chocolate to take the edge off, but noone loves a good bath with two men after a day of playing in the snow as much as I do.

graham said...

I love winter. This is awesome. This blog is the best thing technology has done for me, ever.
It will be a little wierd bathing with non-family, but if it's the two of you, it'll feel like family.