Thursday, January 27

Is This Job For You?

On the off-chance that someone who reads this might be suited for and enjoy this job, here's some info on a new position opening up at Magic 93, 630 CFCY & 720 CHTN radio in Charlottetown.

Promotions Director
It’s a full time, year round entry level position.
Articulate, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, outgoing, and ambitious with a positive attitude.  Loves people and the limelight.  Thinks driving the van in a parade or emceeing a talent show would be a blast and can “go professional” and help an organization develop a promotion to meet their marketing needs.
The successful candidate will possess above average time management, customer service, organizational, communications and writing skills.  A university degree or college diploma in marketing would be a definite asset.

Duties to include:

Promotion co-ordination and support:  including logistics and POS design and layout
      (posters, ballots, display)

Research and develop successful promotions and events

Liaison between sales and other departments in regards to sales and promotional activity

Supervise summer community cruiser/ambassador program

Attend events and file on air reports

Attend occasional client meetings to assist in promotion preparation

Position requires proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher.

Resumes should be submitted by January 31st to:

Heather Tedford

General Sales Manager

CFCY, CHTN, Magic 93

5 Prince Street

Charlottetown, PEI

C1A 4P4

Or emailed to:


Wayne said...

Was this Frank's job? I heard he was retiring...

Rob said...

No, Frank was the General Manager. And yes, he has retired.
Promotions Director is a new full-time position. The station has had people perform promotions duties in the past, along with their regular duties, but this position will ensure that the promotional aspects get their proper due.
Could be a fun job for the right person.

Sidney said...

Hmm. This job does not sound like me. I do not have any of the qualifications. But soon (mid may) I will be back on PE, over educated and underemployed. So perhaps it is time to stop worrying about what is "me" and start worrying about removing myself from financial worry.

Laura O'Brien said...

How essential is the "loves people and the limelight" aspect and the "driving in a van" in a parade and the emcee part?
I applied for this job when it was advertised on HRDC but they didn't mention those parts. They also said nothing about having to be ambitious.

Rob said...

I am not really sure, Laura. I believe the expectation is that this position will be more than a behind-the-scenes type affair, and that there will be some degree of on-air and in-public representation-of-the-radio-stations going on. But how much, I don't know.

graham said...

I think Laura and Sydney are both ideal for this position. The only thing is to determine who is most "qualified". The obvious solution would be a mud-wrestling match, but when you give it some thought, baby-oil wrestling has some redeeming factors as well.

graham said...

Shit,shit,shit... I did it again Sidney. I spelled your name wrong. It's like the word 'because'. Ever since I learned how to(mis)spell, I spell it 'becouse'.
You should still wrestle though.