Wednesday, August 11

Reasonably Happy

I cannot remember a day when I was in such a good mood for such a long period of time without any obvious reasons.

I am incapable of enjoying it without reflection, so here are five potential reasons why I'm smiling today:

1) my wife loves me.

2) I am involved in a show that can only be described as an unqualified success.

3) I am staying on top of a big pile of work at work.

4) I appreciate my music collection.

5) I have no reason to believe so, and it doesn't really show I don't think, but I feel better, like I may have lost a few pounds.

I'd add "I had lunch with Matt today, and he even paid for mine" as a reason, but I was already in the good mood before that.

So, thanks! Thanks to those reasons and more for giving me a happy day today.


graham said...

I'm happy because I'm on drugs. and I'm happy that the earth is at such an ideal distance from the sun, as to sustain a perfect balance of temperature and gasses, so life can evolve. I also like playing Tom Clancy video games. To be honest, i'm actually not on drugs right now, but I'm still a little happy, my car works, I'm in a good show with Rob and I kissed a girl......I did.

Matt said...

I'm happy because I paid for Rob's lunch with counterfeit currency, and then I made sure to say - "If there's any problem with the payment, call me... Rob MacDonald! Sketch 22!" That's the kind of harmless fun that brings joy to my world.

Rob said...

That's funny, Matt, because after you left the building, I made sure to say "I'm Matt from Sketch 22, and I just gave Rob MacDonald a bunch of counterfeit money, which I print in my basement, in my home. Plus I have scabies." That's what I said.

sprague said...

I'm happy because Graham kissed a girl. I'm also happy that both Rob and Matt are besmurching one another rather tham me. I'm also happy because I got flowers from a friend today. I've never had flowers delivered to me at work before. I'm happy because we're on tonight, and most of all, I'm happy because I'm happy, happy happy happy.

Matt said...

I'm happy because Sprague spelled besmirch incorrectly. Loser. I knew I shouldn't have sent him flowers. And I really shouldn't have kissed Graham. Damn scabies.

Rob MacD said...

Now I'm happy because Matt spelled "spelled" wrong. It's "spelt", loser.

Cyn said...

Who's blowin' who Sketch boys?

graham said...

I don't think Cyn is happy... and Matt, I don't care if you have scabies or scurvy or whatever, as long as you pretend you're a girl... And how did Josh not get involved in this?

Nils said...

Lest Matthew's already smirchy reputation get further besmirched, may I rush to his defence and point out that the folks at Oxford, who are the only true authorities on spelling in the world, say that either spelt or spelled is correct.
There, Matthew. Your reputation is restored. You may now go back to sending flowers to Sprague and kissing Graham.