Friday, August 13

Extra Large Gobble Gobble

Two coffee stories today:

1) years ago, when Dunkin Donuts had their business on University Avenue, a few friends and myself were going through the drive-thru. A couple of us had ordered 'double doubles'. Anyway, when the lady was giving us our coffees at the window, as she handed them through, she'd tell us what each was. For the three double double's she said "dauble dauble...dauble dauble...dauble dauble" in a flat monotone voice. I replied to her that she sounded like a turkey. She wasn't impressed with this observation.

2) today, I was going through the Robin's Donuts drive-thru across the bridge. I recognised the driver of the car ahead of me, who was placing his order. It was Bobby MacMillan (he might go as 'Bob' now), who used to be manager at Myrons. He was very nice to me and the rest of the Annekenstein and 4Play casts when we performed a couple of otherwise fairly unspectacular seasons of comedy at Myrons. Anyway, I recognised him by his voice but didn't bother to acknowledge I was behind him in the drive-thru. He drove up, I placed my order (extra large gobble gobble), and drove on to the window. When I got there, the woman told me that my coffee was already paid for.

Bobby bought my coffee. What a nice thing to do. Thanks Bobby.

I realise that saying this might crack it, but I think there's some good Karma hitting me the last few days.

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