Friday, August 27

Important Musical Moment #1

A couple of days ago, I came across a blog with a post about personal important musical milestones. I thought I'd begin a series of posts highlighting some of my important musical milestones.

So, here is Important Musical Moment #1

(Just Like) Starting Over, John Lennon

Before December 1980, I was not very 'into' music. At that time, I was 14, and listened to the radio a bit, but music didn't really affect me. When John Lennon was killed, I knew who he was and had a vague understanding of his importance. A few weeks later, when my mother (inexplicably) gave me his Double Fantasy album as an unsolicited present, I graciously accepted it, thinking I'd not play it very much. While there are some great songs on it, and I did play the album quite a bit, I consider this album, and this song as important, not for itself, but because it led me to my (still strong) infatuation with The Beatles. Almost immediately upon hearing Double Fantasy, (and despite the Yoko Ono songs) I knew that John Lennon was going to be an influential artist in my life. I quickly bought The Beatles 1960-1966, and The Beatles 1967-1970 and my life, in terms of 'musical appreciation' has not been the same since. Even though this song is not close to my favourite Lennon song (it may not even be top ten?), it is the one that I owe a debt of gratitude to, for introducing me properly to John Lennon, The Beatles and to Music.


dave s said...

slight disagreement: "ono's "kis kiss kiss" is my favourite song on this lp.

Rob said...

Yeah, "kiss kiss kiss" is good. But to a musical neophyte at the time, her stuff on the album was pretty out there. Other than "kiss kiss kiss" I can't recall any of her other stuff on the album. I'd be interested to hear it today, to see if it was disliked more because of the era it was released than of the quality of the songs.