Wednesday, August 25

A Million Euros!!!

I was just informed, by email, that I won a million Euros in some draw that I wasn't even aware I had entered. How lucky are my stars!? It's called the Microsoft Lottery. Since it's from Microsoft, it's gotta be legit, so I'm pretty stoked right now.

According to the email, they've deposited my lump sum one million Euros in the lottery's paying out bank in the Netherlands. All I need to do is email a Mr. Harvey Kurt with information as to which of my bank accounts I'd like the money transferred to. His email address is:

Wait a second. Why would an employee of a Microsoft Lottery have a email address? Something's fishy here, but what it is, I'm not ---

Oh man, is this spam? Have I been duped?


dqwdf said...

lol, i gt that 2!

shmulik said...

take a look at the following link:

Denny Lake said...

is this a scam?if no how do I claim the $'s?
If it IS,Why do you do that...Waist of my time? !