Friday, August 27

Important Musical Moment #2

So, perhaps I'll do this in some sort of chronological manner.

Important Musical Moment #2

London Calling, The Clash

I was deep and happy into my John Lennon and The Beatles obsession. He and they were all that. I was content playing my growing Beatles and John Lennon collection over and over again. Then one day I was over at a friend's house, Colin Kennefic, and he put on a new album he just got. It was London Calling. From the very first strum of the very first note, I was hooked. It was a moment so profound for me that I can still remember the feel of the Lazy-Boy Recliner in which I was sitting. The Beatles were great, but it was the music of my older brothers. This music, though, was speaking to me. London Calling, album and song, broke my punk cherry, and from there I dove head first into the back-catalog of 1976-1980's punk. I swam naked in the fury and anger of that music, and I gobbled up all the musical gobs that those artists spit at me.


bill said...

What an awesome album indeed. after almost 20 years I went back and rebought this on CD last year and got Sandinista and GIve em enough rope just for an added kick. I saw the clash in chapel hill nc in 1985 right before/around when comabt rock (which I somewhat loathe) came out. Great show. great band. My 14 year old has just discovered minor threat which I had rebought too. Life moves in cyles.

David Irwin said...

Great site! Thanks for dropping by. With your permission, I am putting a link to your site on my site.

Jason said...

Hey Rob. Don't know if you've heard the Clash tribute album that was released few years ago. Some interesting renditions on that. Everyone from Silverchair to Ice Cube. It's called Burning London

Rob MacD said...

bill, if you haven't visited Combat Rock in a while, I recommend you do. When it came out, I wasn't too thrilled with it either. But after ignoring it for a decade or so, I listened to it again, and there are some fanstastic songs on it.
Jason, I've heard some of the songs from Burning London. Another (I think better) tribute is one that came in a cd that accompanied the super music/movie magazine Uncut.
David, thanks for linking to me.

David Irwin said...

My pleasure.