Friday, April 30

Time To Burn The Log, I Guess

I think it was the ancient asian philosopher and war-monger, Feng Shui, who said (I paraphrase), "It's not how you behave when you lose that shows your true self, but how you win. But in Shii Ann's case, her behaviour is just obnoxious no matter how you look at it."

Yes, Shii Ann is gone from Survivor All-Stars, and I, like many I'm guessing, am glad. I barely liked her in her first season, couldn't understand why she was brought back as an All-Star, and sighed every week when she'd remain.

She was so junior high-school in last night's episode. "Hey, you know Brittany. She thinks you're cute!" Only substitute Survivor X for Brittany, and cute for hate.

Sad thing is Shii Ann will now be no doubt patting herself on her back for making it to the final six of the all-stars. Thing is, though, that she didn't make it that far by any skill or tactics or manipulation of other players, or anything. Not being a threat to win is not a strategy. She made it that far simply because the others saw her as a dispensible piece of lumber. She was the log they all sat on, and when the rest of the lumber was burnt up, they decided it was time to burn the Shii Ann sitting log.

And what a stinky piece of wood she was, too.

Five left. Now it'll get interesting.


frankie said...

I'm glad she's gone too, but only for the reason that now it will get (a bit) more interesting. Shii-Ann's ousting was inevitable. And if she really wanted to "shake things up" a bit, then why didn't she confront Rob, in front of all the others, and ask him who he was taking to the final four? That's what I would have done.
Amber's confidence is REALLY getting annoying too. "I'm getting soo sick of everyone's paranoia", she was bragging last night. She thinks she's got it in the bag. If Rupert, Tom and Jenna don't gang up and vote her out, I'm gonna throw up.

Nils Ling said...

S'long to Shii - ithead, and now it's game on - or would be, if anyone had a clue. I keep being astounded by the evident willingness on everybody's part to hand Rahb the game.
Anybody with a measurable IQ should be able to say "OK, Rob's got a better-than-even chance of winning immunity on any given day. The rest of us are, best case, splitting the other 50% of the odds, so ... 10 percent chance of winning immunity, and shrinking every time someone gets voted off. If Rob wins the final immunity challenge, who's he going to take? Did I come out here to come third?"
I don't get their thinking process, if it exists. If Rob's in, they can do no better than third - unless the gods intercede. If Rob's out ... well, everybody has a shot at number one. It seems so damn simple. If frigging Rupert could put down his spear for a second ("Come, my preciousssss") and Jenna could for one nanosecond lose her rampant bitchiness, and Big Tom could stop listening to the banjo music in his head, they HAVE to be able to see it.
I wonder if, on those first days, those three all secretly snuck back to the well and drank some of the water with brain parasites ... gotta be the explanation. Either that, or Big Tom has been espousing this plan all along and they thought he was talking about titty-sucking.

Rob MacD said...

My thinking is this: there has been a very strong and unbreakable alliance between these five players. An alliance they were all very confident with and which hasn't been investigated too much, in terms of allowing the audience see it.
I expect the other players did try to break the alliance and failed. I expect these attempts weren't shown, because the producers didn't want us to know how strong the alliance is.
I also think that is why we were allowed to see ShiiAnn's outburst last week, because now it plays into the scenario. Maybe ShiiAnn's been saying the same thing at tribal council for days, yet we weren't privy to it because it wasn't time to tell us.
That can be the only reason for them not yet dealing with Rob and Amber. It guarantees them a spot in the final 5. That was the goal of these players. Once achieved, now it becomes a battle without allegiance.
Therefore, I can't yet call Rupert, Jenna and Tom stupid. (or the others, really, if there were attempts that the producers didn't show us). If those three fail to take care of the Rob/Amber mini-alliance this week, then I'll begin to doubt their game-playing ability.
Rob/Amber has to be addressed this week. It has to.