Tuesday, April 27

A Sneak Peek

Sketch 22, our summer sketch comedy show is coming along very well, thank you. In fact, we have a tentative running order for our sketches and videos, and it's not yet May. How does this timeline equate to other summertime sketch comedy shows I've been involved in? Well, for those, now would probably be the time that we start thinking about maybe committing to putting on a show. So, we're pretty far ahead of the curve this year.

The sketches themselves are in various states of readiness, many are close to being finished, and we have a couple of hilariously funny videos already in the can.

The next video we shoot should be extra fun. We have a sketch where tourism officials are desperately running out of time and are having difficulty coming up with the next year's PEI tourism video campaign. They mistakenly leave it in the hands of a friend of a friend of a friend, who just happens to be a producer of pornographic movies. The tourism video he comes up with is very much of his world, and stars some of his stable of actors.

I love the porn actor names we came up with:

Cassandra Cummings, Dick Vertical, Rock Hardon, and (the best porn name I've ever come up with:) Kitty Glissenpussy


Calico Cat said...

Porn names you ask?? My favorite was "Studley Hungwell" who starred in 'On Golden Blonde', a 45 minute masterpiece of smut.

frankie said...

What?! No Brad or Sarah?!