Wednesday, April 14

Subservient Chicken

I don't quite understand how, but you ask the subservient chicken to do something and it does it. I've asked it to hop on one foot. I've asked it to go read a book. I've asked it to stand on its head. It did all of these things. I've asked it to play dead and it did have a little trouble with that.

So, did this chicken do everything it could possibly think of, and then show the corresponding actions based on key words?

Go and try it.


Tim said...

Pretty freaky.... although it didn't like my suggestion of humping the couch. It did, however, kick the tv, and leave as requested.

NELLE said...

i asked it to do a handstand, and it was a bad one. i asked it to wiggle his bum, and he did. i said "goodbye" and he waved good bye. he wouldn't grab his crotch though..he shook his wings at me :(

Jeff said...

That's just weird.
At my request for a somersault, he (it?) appeared to molest the camera, which is effectively my screen.
It was mildly disturbing.
However, he did respond to my request to masturbate. Fortunately, he had the good sense to turn his back, and move slightly off camera.
It was mildly amusing. In a weird kinda way.