Wednesday, April 21

Mooove Me, Please

Okay, this week's American Idol bored me beyond comprehension.

Still, it was better than that Leafs/Senators game. Grrrr.

Here's a little confession: I like Barry Manilow. I'm not talking about his songs, I'm talking about him, or at least, the 'him' we get to see through the media. His songs: meh. He writes good melodies. But he seems like a real nice guy.

Who was first? Diana DeGuarmo? This was her best performance so far, wasn't it? It's been less than 24 hours since, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember her song. I remember the pee I had last night before I went to bed. It was good, though, wasn't it? The song, not the pee (which was good). "Good" being relative to the boring crap she's made us suffer through thus far, of course. Anyway, next:

George Huff: Barry Manilow writes songs with good melodies. George Huff takes Barry Manilow songs and removes the melody from them. Not smart. Second week in a row, George, you let us down. Smarten up, 'kay. Go listen to some Mel Torme this week. Bring us some of that Velvet Fog.

Hawaiin Girl: Her best performance so far. And I think it's the first time she didn't try to stick a tourism ad for Hawaii into her bit. Do the two relate? Anyway, it's her best, but she still doesn't have any chance to win. She'll stay til next week, but no farther.

Jennifer: Okay, I'm not a fan of Jennifer. I can't get past her barely supressed anger, and the fear of a fist punch at any second. But she did a real good job. However, it was with her performance last night that I started to figure out the 'diva' plan. Start the song quiet (too quiet last night, Jenn) and don't worry about how it sounds. Because the only thing that matters is the end, when the song gets kicked up a notch. Last night, when Jennifer kicked her song up a notch, she did a great job. For me, though, I'm all about the song before it gets kicked up a notch. I'm all about the anti-diva.

Crooner John: As John sang last night, at least during the first part of the song, I saw actual emotion coming from John, and sentiment escaping through his lips. Manilow's advice to feel the song and not worry about the notes etc was working! I began to imagine what John would've been like if he'd heard that advice early on in the competition. Imagine if he was told way back when to sing with feeling, not like a robotic martini. That's what I was thinking. Then he lost it. Gone went the emotion. Gone went the sentiment. All that was left was the wide-eyed stares of a deer in the spotlight. For god's sake, America, heed my words this week, and rid my life of this blandness.

LaToya: Another who utilizes the diva plan. Start small and irrelevant, then turn on the voice for the last 40 seconds. Why is it all about the final 40 seconds? Good, but who cares.

Fantasia: I like Fantasia, but I wasn't crazy about her song last night. Nothing wrong with it, but it didn't move me very much. Forcing the audience to get up for the revival meetin' sounds is like trying to rouse the remaining dead-tired stragglers at a party into having more fun at 2:30am by suggesting Trivial Pursuit. Just...go away! Anyway, good, but again, you did not moooove me.

I thought the whole night was blah. Kinda like a Barry Manilow song. I like the guy, though.

The three to stand on the idol icon: John, Hawaiin Girl, and Diana. Hawaiin Girl goes back to the couch of comfort.

Crooner John gets the boot.


Jean said...

Diana, Jasmine, La Toya, and Jennifer were at their very best last night. I am a real fan of La Toya and Jennifer.
I swear if John Boy is not voted off tonight, I might take up watching hockey. Just get rid of him and put him, and us ,out of our misery. The poor soul looks so innocent and frightened when he steps forward to wait for the judges comments. He is no doubt a nice young man, but he just doesn't have the strength in his voice to even be still participating at this level.
George blew it bigtime last night which was too bad because I think he actually is very talented. There is somethings in life that you don't mess with. Songs and melodies written by Barry Manilow are on the top of that list. Why is it that all of a sudden George and Fantasia know a better way to sing the Manilow melodies? Fantasia is extremely talented ,but last night she was acting like she had already won the competiton when in fact she wasn't even that good. Had she sung her song as it was orginally written, She would have done much better. Personally, I think she has a real attitutde problem which will cause he to lose votes. I predict that we will see George, John and Fantasia in the bottom three tonight, with John (hopefully for him as much as me) leaving for good. I also predict it will come down to Jennifer and La Toya with LaToya finishing as winner.

Rob MacD said...

George, John and Fantasia in the bottom three tonight? No way. George will have to have a couple more bad weeks in a row before the fanbase turns on him. Even if Fantasia sang farts last night, she'd still not be bottom three fodder this week, based solely on last week's outstanding performance.
I do agree with your comment that Fantasia was acting like she's already won. Better smarten that up, girl.

Jean said...

It's 10.01 pm. What a shocker! Who'd of guessed that Jennifer and La Toya would join Fantasia in the bottom 3? Not another night of John...jeez, have mercy on us. Hopefully Americans get the message that this is not a popularity contest and vote on the talent next week. However, last year they put Reuben before Clay... I still think George and Fantasia will be gone before the final week.

Rob MacD said...

It's disappointing, yet, in an odd way, comforting to realise that the American public chooses popularity over substance.

Jean said...

"the American public chooses popularity over substance." Is it safe to assume, then, that Geeorge W. Bush is on his way out? :-)

Nils Ling said...

No, he's cuter than John Kerry, so he'll get sent to the Oval Office of Safety ...
I hate myself for hating a 16 year old kid, but man if I have to listen to that Teen Martin kid much longer I'm going to beat him like the red-headed stepchild. God, kid ... put down the LPs, buy a CD and listen to stupid, brainless music your parents hate. And while you're at it, stop getting haircuts and wear sloppy clothes. In other words - BE A KID. Trust me - old is not as fun as you seem to think it is.
Totally agree with the Fantasia 'tude thing - she annoys me. LaToya less so, and I'm swinging round to her. I'm giving Emmanuel-Lewis-As-An-Adult one more chance to make me like him again.
The rest? Meh.