Friday, April 23

"Seacrest, Out"ed

So many speculations about Ryan Seacrest's sexuality, most implying he's gay. If he is, how great would it be if he said so.

Besides that, though, I come to this post because of this quote, which he said this week on AI, after Crazzee-Eyez Hudson got the boot:

"America, don't forget you have to vote for the talent. You have to keep your favorites in the competition."

Well, which is it, Mr. Seacrest? You want we should vote for the talent, or to keep our favourites in the competition? Mean to say, if'n our favourites in the competition aren't necessarily the talent, then we have a problem.

After a couple days of reflection on this week's American Idol, I have this to say, then on to other things: I think the producers of the show are probably pretty excited about the outcome this week. This controversy has certainly stirred up the pot, and even more people will likely be tuning in next week. You can bet, they don't mind losing one of the divas.

Also, when I was watching the awful Barry Manilow song (which he performed quite well, however. Shows how much of a professional he is compared to these Idol wannabees) about 'Freedom', with the video of waving American flags in the background, I was struck by the idea that Americans have been brainwashed into the concept that Freedom=America. I doubt they can imagine the word freedom without thinking of America. I think that's why so many get bothered with them.


Eliza Tourouke said...

What has Ryan's sexuality got to do with anything? Because he is on TV does that mean he has to come clean with his sexual preference? Would it make a difference in your opinion of him? Do you think he must be gay because he is so clueless? Why do people have to be catorized as gay or straight? Have we learned nothing from the Black/White struggles to be "just people"?Jeez, it's 2004...get a grip.

Dean Chapman said...

Yeah, I think if people are gay or straight, it does make all the difference. I am straight, I don't believe that gay or homosexual as I call them out of respect for their decision, is right. I love all people for the fact that they are my neighbors just as the bible says too, but I don't believe that homosexulaity is right. Ryan Seacrest is one of my hero's and to tell you the truth I have no idea why but I must say, I truly believe that Ryan is straight and until he says otherwise I will continue to believe it. Besides my cousin Eric says that Ryan used to be lovers with this guy in Ohio, yeah right, like He has ever even been to Ohio for something like that. Why would anyone waste their time in Ohio even if for something like that right?

Rob MacD said...

"Ryan Seacrest is one of my hero's" kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Nils said...

... and if not that, then "... or homosexuals as I call them out of respect for their decision" says it all.
But it's easy for me to criticize, what with having decided to be white and 5'10" and right handed and all ...

Uva said...

Dean Champman
I would hate myself if I were half of an idiot you are.
Put your brain to work you IDIOT!