Friday, April 9


I'm afraid for myself. I may have actually switched over to liking Boston Rob. While I'm not falling at all for the supposed romance angle, I do have to give him the brass balls trophy. The guy's a playah.

Last night's episode had me laughing out loud and pointing at the TV. The scene where Rob tells Lex and Kathy 'sorry but Lex'll be going next' was absolutely the best Survivor moment from ony of the seasons so far. Lex's hypocritical "but you're my friend, backstabber" was so deliciously enjoyable. I'm sure Colby (or was it Ethan, I always mix the two up) was laughing at that too, seeing as he used the same friendship logic on Lex when Lex was booting his ass out. Very rewarding moment. And I liked Lex, too, but my appreciation of his tactics was dwindling the last few episodes, and disappeared last week when he agreed that keeping Ambuh would be a smart move. Wrong.

That "I'm your friend" moment would have been enough, but as an added bonus, we get to see Kathy cry and grovel. Normally, I'm not one to enjoy seeing people in emotional turmoil, but I enjoyed Kathy's bawling. Why? Because of her reaction to ToughSue's departure from the game, when she blamed Sue for bringing the rest of the players into her troubled sexually molested state of mind. That total lack of empathy was ignorant and selfish, and because of it, I won't miss Kathy when she goes next week, barring her winning immunity.

Good episode, just for that scene.


frankie said...

You and I don't totally disagree. Sure Lex was dumb dumb dumb to trust Rob--but they are ALL trusting him, that's the pathetic part! Rob has the same smugness that Richard Hatch had in the first Survivor. What needs to happen here is a good old fashioned double-crossin' to stir things up.
Sadly, I don't think anybody that is left is smart enough to do it, and the rest of the game will be played in a boring, predictably manner.
The first time Rob loses immunity, he needs to GO, or else he'll win Survivor. The only person left who can actually beat him physically would be Rupert, so my guess is that on Thursday it will be a show-down between those two.

Jeff said...

Agreed. It was one of those great, at home TV, I-told-you-so moments when Lex said "I may have made a game ending error..." AHA. Yup.
Although I s'pose he doesn't have the benefit of TV camera's in the other camp, as we do.
You knew Lex's scheming was going to get him, his web was cast too wide, too early. Just as Boston Rawb's is now. At least he'll have the love of Ambuh when she gets home.

Jeff said...

Been awaiting your post for last week's Survivah: Bawston Rawb gives up the family video tape he won, so all can get their letters from home. Making nice with his dissenters after screwing they & Lex the week prior. The best part was a teary eyed Rawb sitting out on a rock, savouring his letter from home, saying to the camera " I didn't do this for strategy. OK, maybe it was a little strategy. Alright, it was agreat move..." Of course, I'm paraphrasing.