Wednesday, November 5

The first year of 24,

The first year of 24, I was sucked into it big time. I could look past the wonky time-jumps (5 minutes to drive from downtown L.A. to the outskirts of town?) and illogical plots and motivations, and just enjoy the action-packed goodness that year 1 of 24 provided. I even enjoyed the situations that Jack Bauer's daughter Kim got herself into.

The second year of 24, I was sucked into it even bigger time. The illogicals were still there, but the energy and excitement was elevated greatly. The Year-2 "Kim" plotline was ridiculously awful but not to the point where it could derail the show entirely. Scenes with Kim merely had to be tolerated last year.

The following was written between 10:30am and 10:33am:

10:30 tick tick tick tick...

So far this year (granted, only 2 episodes into the 24), the show has been slow to get going, and I am skeptical that it will ever catch fire like it did last year. Both Karyn and I screamed in agony when we saw that Kim was back and inexplicably working as a computer/terrorist expert at CTU. So far, her storyline continues her penchant for whiny, self-absorbed petulance, and this year, it's really dragging me down.

10:32 tick tick tick tick...

But I'll still watch and expect that it will get more exciting than it's been so far. I think the problem this year is that the time-gimmick doesn't seem to play a part yet. That is, the urgency of time hasn't yet emerged in the storyline. I expect it will. I expect I'll continue to hate any scene in which Kim is involved. And I expect you will be able to guess where I am every Tuesday night at 10pm for the next 22 weeks or so.

...tick tick tick tick 10:33

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