Wednesday, November 26

A Very Meshuga Christmas

A friend pointed out to me, in a rather off-handed way, that lately some people, seemingly of the Jewish faith seem to have a vested interest in Christmas. There are a handful of Jewish performers, notably Kathie Lee Gifford and Barbara Streisand, who've released Christmas albums. I assume David Berenbaum, who wrote the screenplay for "Elf" is Jewish. When this was pointed out to me, I didn't really give it much thought.

And then, last night, I was watching TV and there was a commercial for Kay Diamonds. In it, a man whom I assume is Jewish (admittedly I assume this only because he has some of the physical attributes stereotypically associated with Jews) asks his girlfriend if she believes in Santa Claus. She says 'Yes' then he says: "He helped me pick this out" and gives her a diamond necklace in a jewellery-box.

I don't put any weight or criticism on this, other than I just find it somewhat odd. Then again, I don't believe in the Christian religion and yet I enjoy celebrating the season. I'll have an album coming out shortly.

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Calico Cat said...

Geez, I hope you don't think its a conspiracy? 'They' control the media don't ya know. Shalom.