Tuesday, November 4

Parity (through the salary-cap structure)

Parity (through the salary-cap structure) in the NFL means no teams dominate anymore. Means that there still can be some god-awful teams, but that the rest tend to rise to about the same level of quality and ability. It means that it's that much harder to pick who's going to win each week.

At least that's what I'm blaming this week's abysmal record on. Usually, I manage to hover around 60% accuracy. This week, though, my picks fell apart big time.

Out of 14 games played this weekend, I only picked 4 winners correct. Horrendous.

My Toin-Coss experiment, however, managed to get 7 right. 50%. Just what one would expect if winning was a random event. Which, in the NFL, it seems to becoming.

Next week, though, I suck it up and make some more picks. Forget about going against the randomness of coin-flipping. Next week, I take on a babe in the woods. Next week, I go up against my son and his NFL-innocent picks.

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