Monday, November 10

Jason Bateman. Yes, Jason Bateman

This is something of a confession: I've always appreciated the acting stylings of Jason Bateman. His talent, I thought, always was better than any TV show in which he could be found. Perhaps I'm confusing 'talent' with 'ability to convey his likable personality', but whatever it is, he made bad shows better.

Now he is in the new Fox sitcom Arrested Development, along with Jeffrey Tambor (of Larry Sanders fame), David Cross (of Mr. Show fame) and other quirky, enjoyable castmates. [I feel so Matt Rainnie, gone link crazy!] I saw my first episode (the series' second episode) last night, and I found it quite funny. I recommend everybody check it out quickly, as I fear it'll be cut down and cancelled soon by lack of viewership. This is the norm for most shows that don't stick to the basic rules of sitcom success.


Jamie said...

i agree i think that arrested development is pretty funny too. I was pleasantly suprised.

Christine Toal said...

I think the show is very funny and I think Jason Batema is ute and sexy.

Christine Toal said...

I think the show is funny and I think Jason Bateman is awfully cute and sexy.

a said...

jason bateman was mentioned in eye magazine's scathing review of the horrible, awful show "popcultured".
probably. popcultured sucks poopie bumbum.