Thursday, November 13

Picks on Someone Your Own Size

It's taken me a full two weeks, after my abysmal pigskin prognosticating in which I went 4-10, to summon up the courage to post another round of weekend picks. Last time, I went up against 50/50 odds, up against the toss of a coin. I lost, with the coin getting 6 of 14 correct.

This time I go up against what I consider will result in a sure victory for me. I test my NFL picking skills against the skills of an NFL Neophyte, a mere babe-in-the-woods. This week I take on my 10 year old son, who chooses to know nothing about football.

So, here are the picks this week. (MP) indicates my picks, (CP) indicates Cameron's:

Texans at Bills MP: Texans CP: Bills

Redskins at Panthers MP: Panthers CP: Panthers

Rams at Bears MP: Rams CP: Rams

Chiefs at Bengals MP: Bengals CP: Bengals

Cardinals at Browns MP: Browns CP: Cardinals

Ravens at Dolphins MP: Dolphins CP: Dolphins

Falcons at Saints MP: Falcons CP: Saints

Giants at Eagles MP: Eagles CP: Eagles

Jaguars at Titans MP: Titans CP: Jaguars

Chargers at Broncos MP: Chargers CP: Chargers

Jets at Colts MP: Colts CP: Jets

Vikings at Raiders MP: Vikings CP: Raiders

Lions at Seahawks MP: Seahawks CP: Lions

Packers at Buccaneers MP: Packers CP: Buccaneers

Cowboys at Patriots MP: Patriots CP: Cowboys

Steelers at 49ers MP: Steelers CP: 49ers

If I lose this week, next week I go up against my interpretation of cloud formations.

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