Friday, October 31

Yes, Reinvented was my first.

Yes, Reinvented was my first. Peter was the first who posted in his blogroll a link to this monster. While appreciating the nod, I do think Peter, as far as his blogroll is concerned, is something of a suave ladies man (if blogs were ladies, that is). His blogroll is like his little black book; the links are phone numbers to all the ladies he meets, whether he's dated them or not. It's his security blanket. He doesn't want a Friday night go by, and him without a date, so he's got his ever-growing roll of names, you know, just in case some bird leaves him in the lurch. Peter is such a great guy, though, that us girls don't really mind being lumped all together. And besides, since breaking my cherry, Peter's even called me a few times and given me compliments.

There are other sites I visit, blogs I'm interested in, and I occasionally check out their 'friends list' to see if I've been added. And even though their lists are smaller and presumably more selective, you know, it still hurts a little bit when I see a blog I like - I mean LIKE like - and it doesn't even seem to know that I exist. I mean, what's wrong with my blog? I know sometimes my posts are fat, but I can't help it. It's glandular (or is it glanular?). I have a lot to say, sometimes. Besides, my friends all say my blog has a great personality, and lots to offer the right blog reader. I don't need those other blogs' links. Any blog that doesn't link to me just doesn't know me. It's their loss, not mine!

But, Oh! Joy of joys. About a week ago, I noticed that one blog I visit daily finally added me to his roll. And then tonight, I noticed another did too. Like Sally Field, you really like me!

Now, though, I'm wondering if my address is written on some online washroom wall? Do these people think I'm easy? I'm loose with my words. Is that what you're thinking?!

Well, I'm not. Although I am partial to daquiri's and download sites. But I'm not implying that offering a few of either of those to me will get you anything.

I have a reputation to build and maintain, you know.

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