Friday, October 24

I am picky about the

I am picky about the (so-called) reality shows I watch. I refuse to watch any that attempt to match two people in some false true-love ending (even though I've only spent 31 days with you, and in those 31 days, I've also spent time making out with 11 other women, I really do love you, contestant number 3. Will you marry me and share in the million dollar prize?). There is something dirty and whore-ish about those. I also don't watch the ones where the object is to dupe the contestants (what Gwendolyn doesn't know is that her 12 potential male suitors are in fact transvestites!!!... go ahead tv-hollywood, take that idea). And the contests of foolishness and fear are also shows I'll not watch (tonight's fifty thousand dollar winner will be the contestant who is brave enough to shove razor blades and spiders up their butt!!!)

I do like a few reality shows however. The Amazing Race is my favourite, followed closely by Survivor. This current edition of Survivor is quite good. The producers and editors do a great job of focusing each episode towards its conclusion, maximizing suspense. Last night, going to Tribal Council, I was sure that Rupert had convinced the others, specifically Sean, to vote out Trish. Yet, when Sean went to write his choice for eviction, he said something "You thought this was your game. Well, now you're gone, and the game is mine."

I'm thinking: "Why are you saying that? You'd never say that about Trish. The game was never hers. You can only be talking about Rupert!" So, I thought he had double-double crossed Rupert and Rupert'd be gone. Of course, they did vote to evict Trish, and now blonde-haired John (who was in cahoots with Trish) is in deep shit.

This is why I like Survivor. They do a great job of manipulating the audience, without making the audience feel like they're being cheated.

As we were watching Survivor last night, CB says "I don't like that guy with the underwear." Which guy? "The bald guy" On which tribe? "The guy that doesn't do anything. The lazy one." Who's the lazy one? "The guy who's scared of animals."

I knew who he was talking about (Osten), but I wanted to see how long it'd take him to define Osten by his skin colour. He never did. I think that's pretty neat.

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