Friday, October 31

Here is an experiment. As

Here is an experiment.

As my wife and son can attest, I am a huge NFL football fan, and even bigger Miami Dolphins fan. I start thinking about next week’s game around Tuesday. I keep tabs on all the teams, but not in any statistically anal way. I generally know which teams seem to be doing better than, or worse than, expected but don’t bother with things like how injuries will affect teams (other than the Dolphins and who they’re playing each week), or how team A’s offense stacks up against Team B’s defense.

I tell you this, only so you get an idea as to my general knowledge of football and how that relates to this experiment, which is: I am going to post my predictions as to who will win each game this weekend. I will also post the prediction of a coin-flip. The experiment is to see how much better I do than a seemingly random guess.

On each line below are the matchups, visitor first, home team second. After that will be my expert pick (MP:), followed by the toin-coss pick (TC:).

I’ll inform you of the results next Tuesday, as if you give a shit.

San Diego @ Chicago - MP: San Diego TC: Chicago

NY Giants @ NY Jets - MP: NY Jets TC: NY Jets

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - MP: Tampa Bay TC: Tampa Bay

Jacksonville @ Baltimore - MP: Baltimore TC: Jacksonville

Indinapolis @ Miami - MP: Miami (of course) TC: Miami

Oakland @ Detroit - MP: Oakland TC: Detroit

Carolina @ Houston - MP: Carolina TC: Houston

Cincinatti @ Arizona - MP: Cincinatti TC: Arizona

Pittsburgh @ Seattle - MP: Seattle TC: Pittsburgh

Philadelphia @ Atlanta - MP: Philadelphia TC: Philadelphia

St.Louis @ San Fransisco - MP: St. Louis TC: St.Louis

Washington @ Dallas - MP: Washington TC: Dallas

Green Bay @ Minnesota - MP: Minnesota TC: Minnesota

New England @ Denver - MP: New England TC: New England

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