Monday, October 13

In the movies, here are

In the movies, here are three moments that are guaranteed to make at least one tear fall from my right eye (I find that my left eye is more tolerant of emotional drama).

  • In It's A Wonderful Life, George Bailey forego's his honeymoon and heads back to the Savings and Loan to try and hold off a bank run. He uses his honeymoon money to keep his customers satisfied until the uncertainty ends, and goes about asking each of them how much they need to get by. When the old lady asks for 53 dollars (or whatever the small amount is) and George hugs her, I'm teared up fine. There are a few moments in that movie that consistently get to me, but that one is a sure bet.

  • In Lonesome Dove, after they've reached their destination in Montana, and Cap'm Call is about to take off back to Texas to bury his friend; just as he's about to depart, he leaves Newt in charge. He desperately wants to tell the kid that Newt is his son; and Newt desperately wants to hear what he already knows, but all Captain Call can muster is to give Newt his best horse. That's a for-sure tear-up moment among many more tear up moments in that excellent movie mini-series.

  • In Rudy, at the end of the movie, and Rudy finally gets to dress for the final Notre Dame home game. With only a few seconds remaining in the game, ND sure of victory, his team-mates start chanting 'Ruuudy, Ruuudy' attempting to get him in the game. The crowd joins in, and sure enough, Rudy gets in for play and manages a sack on his only play. He gets carried off the field, triumphantly, and my right eye drips.

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