Friday, October 24

I don't like the word

I don't like the word 'blog'. Having been in this blog-world for a month or two now, there are acquaintances I now meet who will say something like "I like your blog." or "I read your blog everyday".

While I appreciate the compliments, and am somewhat thrilled that anybody at all bothers to read the nothingness I write, I nonetheless feel slightly embarrassed when I hear the word 'blog' in association to me. I think part of my dislike of it is that I've never been one who willingly participates in fad-ish things, and 'having a blog' is currently such a huge fad.

So, when I hear "I like your blog", in a way I'm hearing "You're a good Texas two-stepper", or "That ChiaPet of yours is getting nice and hairy".

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