Thursday, July 8


I find weeks go quicker when I have a TV Program To Look Forward To.

Since the end of this season's (fantastic) The Sopranos, I've only had one TVPTLFT. That being Sunday night's Six Feet Under. I'm sad to say that so far, this season hasn't been satiating my year-long hunger of anticipation for it.

Now, though, I have a new TBPTLFT: The Amazing Race 5. Yes, it's back, on Tuesday nights. I've been waiting for awhile for this, my favourite "reality" tv show. After one episode in, it's like being re-acquainted with an old friend. Phil is exactly the same smirking bemused host. The contestants are another batch of typical flustered contestants.

Here's to The Amazing Race remaining a TVPTLFT.

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frankie said...

My favorite new show is Last Comic Standing.