Tuesday, July 6

Blue Jays de Toronto contra Expos de Montreal

So, there's a story in today's Guardian, in the sports section, that wonders why the so-called Battle of Canada doesn't draw more rivalry from the players or loyalty/interest from fans.


Let's see: The Blue Jays and the Expos are both at the bottom of their respective divisions. The Expos are owned by MLB, that is, by the rest of the teams (that statement so deserves a "Huh?") ever since they were supposed to be moved and/or dissolved a couple of years ago. When the Expos last had a "legitimate" owner, he purposefully tried to ruin the club, practically begging (by his actions) Expos fans to stay away. Fortunately for him, they listened. The two teams play in separate leagues, and inter-league play is generally seen as No Big Deal by anyone.

Those are just some of the reasons why there's not so much interest in the Battle of Canada. But I think the main reason why there was such a lack of interest in the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Montreal Expos games this weekend was:


Morons. I so hate baseball.

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al said...

Trust me, it's even more painful for those of us who love baseball.