Thursday, July 22


There's a title that'll guarantee some disappointed google searchers when they stop by.

One of my greatest failings, I think, is my inability to self-promote. There are many reasons for why I resist talking up my 'artistic' pursuits. Chief among them lies in the adage 'do unto others what you would want others to do unto you' (or whatever it is). Basically, I don't like it when people aggressively promote themselves, so I tend not to promote my self at all. I find it too... desperate. I understand the need for self-promotion, but I seem to rail against it, to the point where I probably hinder the potential success of projects in which I am involved.

In other words, I am so scared of becoming a media/promotional whore that I go too far in the other direction.

Also, (even though this will likely come across as immodest) I think I am modest, to a fault. I enjoy receiving praise for my work, but I go to great lengths not to pull praise out of people. Again, probably at a detriment to my potential success.

With all that in mind, I feel compelled, however, to promote Sketch 22. It really is a very funny show.

See? Almost 200 words of justification and preamble just so I can be comfortable enough to say "It really is a very funny show" and not feel like I'm a cheap theatre-hooker.

And still, I feel like a cheap theatre-whore.


Cyn said...

Under self-promoting could be seen as being as destructive as over self-promoting. I've actually chosen to not go to shows because its been either over-promoted or under-promoted.
If your goal is to have more people come to your show, too much or too little promotion can do the exact same thing...Keep people from coming. If the work is as good as you think (and it is, I saw it), then it will speak for itself, but there's no harm in a plug or two for yourself. And besides I don't think you'd ever have to worry about having that reputation.

sprague said...

No problem Rob. My undying need for shameless self promotion easily makes up for your distinct lack there-of!!! It's a fine balancing act!

christopher said...

You unconscionable tart! (Tho I confess I don't normally think of tarts traipsing their stuff about in a black nappy.)

Nils said...

A fine balancing act, for sure, and one that I may or may not have been on the wrong side of from time to time. It's a tough call, particularly on the Island - where modesty-to-a-fault is the standard. But my Dad once said "If YOU don't think what you're doing is worthwhile, why should anybody else?"
It's tough to cut through the white noise of an Island summer. Word of mouth is your best friend, as always, and is already working with your show (as I knew it would) ... but that only works with Islanders.
Bottom line: it ain't show ART, it's show BUSINESS. People have to know you're there. If an actor in a diaper falls over on the stage, and nobody is there to see it ... well, what's the point?

Graham said...

I self-stroke