Friday, July 23

Diaper. Not Dapper

One of my favourite PEI blogs to read is Frankie's. I find her observations to be funny, quirky and unexpected. From her remarks regarding this blog, seems she's a fan of this place as well.

Until last night, our mutual appreciation club had never met. Last night, however, Frankie introduced herself to me after coming to see Sketch 22.

I had some preconceptions as to what she looks like. These notions were somewhat solidified when I asked Cynthia to describe her. Cynthia had met her when Frankie became involved in Cyn's The Vagina Monologues last year.

So, anyway, I had a vague mental picture as to what I imagined Frankie to look like. I imagined her to be a cool, kinda subtly-hip looking mom. Turns out she is pretty much that, only not so mom-ish.

Then I started to wonder what she was expecting of me, and I immediately, horrifyingly thought of one particular image of me last night on stage...traipsing around on stage wearing nothing but black socks and a black velvet diaper, pale-white belly jutting out, leading me wherever I went.

Frankie, whatever you were expecting, you probably weren't expecting that.



Cyn said...

God love ya. Frankie sure got an eyeful.

frankie said...

LOL. No, I wasn't expecting that! My preconception of you, looks-wise, was pretty much right on. Although I didn't expect you to have such a resemblance to my cousin Mark. Even my sister pointed it out.
Personality-wise, I was a bit surprised. In a good way though!! I'll jot a few words about it tonight on my blog.
Great show!!