Thursday, July 8

The Butterfly Effect

It's 4:10 in the pm of the day. Our show opens tonight. I was interviewed, along with Graham, this am on CBC Island Morning. It went pretty well. I didn't get lost in a thought, which is always a fear of mine when I'm speaking live in front of people, so I'd have to call it a success.

Just now, the butterflies have begun fluttering around in my stomach. I expect they'll be there until sometime after I perform the one sketch that I'm personally most worried about. Our rehearsals have been going pretty good the last few days, dress rehearsal went really well (which some say is not a good thing, however I don't believe in that crap). Some of the stuff (especially a couple of the videos) are kick-ass shit-stainingly funny. I've never been so confident in the material before a show's opened, as I am with (most) of this stuff. Same with the rest of the cast. This of course, has us worried that we're overconfident.

All that's left is to wait for the crowd and see what they think.

Complete details tomorrow about whether the show's da bomb or a bomb.


Cyn said...

Break a leg Rob. I'll be there cheering you on.

Jeff said...

Heard ya on the radio box. i laughed when she asked about the name Sketch 22. The reply came that it was a play on 'catch 22'. I thought to myself, you should have then said, " can tell how clever & witty it is when you have to explain it!....."
I trust the show was a success.

Rob said...

I was thinking something along the same lines, Jeff. I almost commented on it, but got sidetracked by some other point of observation. Maybe you picked up on my brainwaves over the airwaves.
And yes, the show was a success. Hopefully it'll remain so.

dave s said...

hey rob and all other sketch-22 members and affliates, congratulations on a great show. it's the funniest thing i've seen on stage in p.e.i. in a long time.