Monday, July 26

Oseema Osama

Some of the anti-Bush people have been supposing that Osama Bin Laden will be 'found' in the next couple of days, during the Democratic National Convention. Some presume that Bin Laden's location is already known, and that the US government is waiting for the most opportune time announce his capture, and that during the DNC would be a goot time, taking headlines away from the democrats.

I cannot believe that the Bush administration would be so blatant as to do this during the DNC. I don't think it'll happen, but I sure hope it does. Poor some gasoline on that conspiracy, folks.

Do it. Do it. Do it.


Graham said...

They're not gonna find osama. You know why? because he's sitting at the poolside in the backyard of Bush's castle sipping fruitopia and Seagrams, LAUGHING and schemeing with the bush family trying to plan their next "move" in the OPEC soap opera. He probably is eating KFC too. Oh, to be a fly on the tile next to that pool. They're probably planning some grand hunt-the-hippie game like in that stupid Ice-T movie where he was a homeless guy being hunted by some rich jerk. The Saudi's rule all. Don't believe what you see...

al o'neill said...

The plan for dealing with the DNC seems to be to tell the press to expect a "15% bounce in the polls from the convention". This is obviously unrealistic, but they're hoping to spin any bounce that is less than that as a failure.
The fact that they're reaching like that tells me that they don't have a lot up their sleeves.